CoCo says: "A woman should be two things- classy and fabulous."

piece puzzle: leather love.

From top to bottom, this smooth and thick material brings edge to any outfit. 

part 1-- leggings.

How to wear: Pair these tight sexy bottoms with an oversized, flowy top for balance. Keep it casual by throwing a cute fitted T. Add on a blazer for a more tailored look. 

Where to wear: Preferably, wear these out under the stars. They are perfectly appropriate for a night out to a club or a lounge. If you dare to wear these at day, keep the leggings out of the classroom or business place. 

Where to buy: American Apparel, Express, Armani Exchange. (These leggings are sold as faux leather or shiny material that mimics leather, but it all looks equally hot!)

Celeb Style: 


Christina Milian

Lauren Conrad

Mary Kate

How I do it:

I have on Black Eel Leggings from American Apparel. 

part ii-- jacket. 

Where to wear: Technically, since this a jacket, it is permissible to wear anywhere. This is the perfect item to have in the fall season and will do it's job in keeping you warm and stylish. 

How to wear: Again, since it's a jacket, there isn't a huge limit to what you can wear this with. This can edge out a clean preppy look or cool down an elegant outfit. 

Where to buy: Express, Urban Outfitters

Celeb Style:

Rihanna (of course)

Lindsay Lohan:

Lauren Conrad:

I have one from Urban Outfitters (it's faux, but good faux!)

Puzzle solved. 

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