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fashion finales prt. ii

vivica crowns the ultimate glam god.



The final episode for premiere season of VH1's "Glam God" aired this past Thursday. Vivica put the three finalists through an intense meeting with her panel including pale British prick Melanie Bromley from US Weekly along with renowned and lovable stylist Phillp Bloch. Major agent and stoic Timothy Priano was a guest judge. The winner of Glam God will be awarded representation from Priano and $100,000.  Each final contestant individually met with the panel of judges as they critiqued their stylings from previous challenges. Prepster contender Preston could not stray away from his conservatism and got the stiletto boot. 

It came down to the scattered and sexually confused Indashio and the silent but deadly stylish Tigerlily. In their final challenge, they had to style a "red carpet diva" for a US weekly photoshoot, and that diva was no other than--- Vivica A. Fox. (Surprise, surprise...)

Indashio went hood chic with Vivca's look, with two skin tight dresses and an asymmetrical hair style a la Mary J, which was right up her alley (and she looked like she belonged in one.) Tigerlily's aim was for a hollywood glamour style mused by Ms. Dandridge, but was a bust (Vivica's couldn't fit into a dress.) 

Tigerlily's consistent efforts did not pay off and it was Indashio's overbearing passion for fashion that won the heart of the judges. 

Another disappointment. It seems that the black sister can't catch a break. 

Now that all my fav fashion tv line ups are out of season, what's left? I am looking forward to CW's new reality competition show called "Stylista" launching next Wed. I assume at 9pm after America's Next Top Model.  Eleven aspiring fashion editors compete for an internship with Elle Magazine (one can only dream), but they must get past fashion editor, Ann Slowey. I predict Slowey will be a mild taste of the horned Prada wearer Priestly. 

Hopefully... this won't be a letdown. 

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vogued out!!! said...

I was so dissapointed that Tigerlily didn't win.