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fashion flick.

vogue magazine hits the big screen.

Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Ms. Anna Wintour is making her movie debut this fall starring in the documentary "The September Issue." The film focuses on vogue editors scrambling to compose their 2008 September Issue (hints the title,) which is a significant edition for the magazine. One editor exclaims "September is like the January of fashion," in which is when most major events happen, including the annual fashion week. The film will peek inside into the world of Wintour, seeing what's behind the designer shades and under the blunt banged bob. I am looking forward to this nonfictional take of the behind the scenes bickering, action, and excitement that goes on while compiling one of the most prominent poshly publications of our time.
"The September Issue" will hit theaters in New York on Aug. 29, and in special cities Sept. 11.

Watch the trailer here.