CoCo says: "A woman should be two things- classy and fabulous."

piece puzzle: flannel flare.

This plaid piece has revived from the 90's grunge era into this century as cozy chic!

How to wear: Match this over sized button up with ultra skinny jeans or sleek leather leggings. Role up the sleeves and tuck messily with or sans a belt. If not, then heavily adorn with necklaces and earrings to add femininity. Flats are the obvious footwear, but don't shy away from heels for a sexy professional contribution!

Where to wear: Definitely appropriate for class, or even work (depending on the dress code.) If dressed up, this piece can get away and into the club or lounge. 

Where to buy: This shirt is pretty common, you can purchase it pretty much anywhere such as Abercrombie or H & M... in the men's section!

Celeb Style:
Lauren Conrad
(buy a similar shirt at H & M!)

Mary Kate

How I do it:

(yea... I'm taking pics in the bathroom...SUE ME! lol.)
I'm wearing a men's flannel from H & M for about $25.00

puzzle solved.


vogued out!!! said...

omg I was looking for a mens plaid shirt for the longest time. Urban outfitters was a huge disappointment. Yours looks great.

Anonymous said...

That's not 90's! The plaid shirts were much finer in the 90's. They rarely had pockets on either.