CoCo says: "A woman should be two things- classy and fabulous."

Dressed in Drama.

Styling, lying, crying... all in a days work with MTV's new fashion series
called "Styl'D" (maybe the capitalized D is putting the emphasis on drama.) Four bright eyed, ego driven junior assistant stylists work to compete for a contract with MMA (Margaret Maldonado Agency) which represents other celebrity stylists. These JAs get trained with other senior stylists of the company by traveling with them to style clients at certain jobs such as photoshoots, award shows, etc. Each JA gets ranked based on their capability to pull successful looks and their work ethic on sets. Each have a golden ticket with the agency, but only one will be offered the fulltime fashion career. Let the stiletto back stabbing and polished nail clawing begin! (Whats a good reality show without it right?)

So far, the show is two episodes deep and I'm enamored with it! There is styling potential in each assistant, but they all also bear some incompetence that makes me question their previous experiences.

The Junior Assistants L to R: Tarra, Cody, Brett, Janna, Gary
Janna, the scatterbrained southern blonde, lacks the most skill and 'fraid to say, style. Apparently the chick lives in Forever 21. There is a time and a place for their clothing, which is not everyday, everywhere. Tarra, whose style I would describe as modern 5os meets 60s retro has a good eye, and is slightly and slowly fishing her way through the competition. Brett showed promised until he got canned for a huge styling snafu that Janna had hugely participated in. Gary is stepping up and gaining his shine after Brett got fired, but lacks professionalism on set. Lastly, there is Cody aka Brett's immediate replacement who comes off as the strong, straight know it all and was born into fashion since his mom was VP of Versace.
Not so sure whos worth betting on to bag the gig...

The Senior Stylists Left to Right: Julie Weiss, Jen Rade, Eric Archibald
The head honcho and premiere stylist, Jen Rade is the head of the Junior Assistant program. Stern and stylish Julie Weiss knows what she wants and how to get it, which should be the attitude of any successful stylist and with clients such as Terrence Howard and Britney Spears under her belt, her talent shouldn't be questioned. And finally the flamboyant but unmistakably fashionable Eric Archibald, who once had a cameo on Keeping Up With the Kardashians as a fashion saint called in to save Bruce Jenner's style.

Read more about the cast of Styl'D. The Show airs on Tuesday at 11 pm after The Hills and The City.

Im obviously not to be disturbed between the hours of 9 and 12.

fashion flick.

vogue magazine hits the big screen.

Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Ms. Anna Wintour is making her movie debut this fall starring in the documentary "The September Issue." The film focuses on vogue editors scrambling to compose their 2008 September Issue (hints the title,) which is a significant edition for the magazine. One editor exclaims "September is like the January of fashion," in which is when most major events happen, including the annual fashion week. The film will peek inside into the world of Wintour, seeing what's behind the designer shades and under the blunt banged bob. I am looking forward to this nonfictional take of the behind the scenes bickering, action, and excitement that goes on while compiling one of the most prominent poshly publications of our time.
"The September Issue" will hit theaters in New York on Aug. 29, and in special cities Sept. 11.

Watch the trailer here.

affordable high fashion.

h&m partners w/ designer labels.

In light of the harsh economic times, H&M has teamed up with Jimmy Choo to release a line of shoes (of course), bags, and clothing priced on the low side (hopefully) for the fall season. The Choo collection will also include accessories, bags, and shoes for men and will launch in over 200 stores on Nov. 14. Needless to say, I'm very excited for the collection, but curious as to how it will look. Hopefully, it won't stray away from Choo's signature sleek and sexy design.

This won't be the first time H&M has married with a high fashion designer. Matthew Williamson created a vibrantly patterned swim and beach wear summer collection and is currently in stores.

Hopefully H&M will seasonally collaborate with more designer brands.

stylista spotlight.

effortlessly fierce: june ambrose.

In my Top 10 Fashionistas Post, I highlighted Ambrose as one of my muses. She has styled the celebrity elite including Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey... the list is infinite. I'm currently reading her book "Effortless Style" in which she gives advice on how to own, improve, and develop your look by looking through a realistic lens. The key word here being effortless, Ambrose provides the blueprint on being simply chic without breaking your budget. Who says you have to drop a ridic amount of bills for a designer garb to look fab? She gives lessons on how to enhance your features with the accurate accessories and educates you on what works for your body from the neck to the hem lines. Ambrose appeals to and writes for the everyday woman who wants to achieve "iconic style with ease." I recommend this book not only to my fashion aficionados but to anyone who is aiming to understand
what owning your style is really about.

And from what I'm learning, effortless style can be attained by starting from within.

After I conquer Ambrose's survival kit to style, my next venture is Rachel Zoe's "Style from A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour." I will definitely provide my review.

Purchase "Effortless Style" and/or "Style from A to Zoe" at

top 10 fashionistas.

So, I have compiled a list of 10 fashionably influential females who have inspired me to find my sense of style. Ranking these women would be pretty much impossible because each have a distinct way of molding themselves. Overall, they have all equally been muses in my eyes, and therefore wanted to acknowledge them.

If you know me, then you know how much I adore Ms. Rih Rih's impeccably edgy style. I don't even think people even remember her cookie cutter Caribbean image anymore since it's being suffocated by her present fashionable appeal.

Lauren Conrad
I've been following Conrad since her Laguna days, and she has shed her beachy good girl image and developed into one of the most chicly dressed women of my generation. Her involvement and contribution to fashion should not go unrecognized. From starting off as an intern being stifled under the wing of Lisa Love, to being smothered by the bat wing of Kelly Catrone of People's Revolution, to even having her own line (that failed due to the struggling economy,) Conrad's resume should be envied by fashion aficionados everywhere.

Angela Simmons
Spawn of the bishop of Hip Hop Rev Run, the 22 year old has achieved what most people have taken years to in the fashion biz. In partner with her older sis Angela, she has a clothing and shoe line, she's styled and oversaw wardrobe in magazines, and even had her own mag that was short lived, but it's still an accomplishment. Overall, I admire not only her eclectic taste, but her determination to deter from her family and make it on her own.

Rachel Zoe
Okay, so maybe she O.D.'d with the botox, and maybe I'm a little peculiar as to how she manages to wear platforms that weigh more than her, BUT I must shout out Ms. Zoe as being apart of my Alma Mater (she's a GWU Grad!) No one can really deny the fabulousness of Zoe. From her faux (I hope) fur shags to the panther on her finger her style is wild. I just recently purchased her book "Style from A to Zoe," and anticipate reading what she has to say about fashion.

Taylor Jacobson
Not a familiar face, but if you watch the Rachel Zoe Project, you definitely know her to be the bitchy style associate to Zoe. Though her attitude needs adjustment, her style is not to be questioned. Her signature is putting flares of punk with chic designer accessories.

Kim Kardashian
Known to be controversial and a bodacious socialite, Kardashian has somewhat pulled her self from under the dark light of scandal by always being on point for the lights that constantly flash on her. She smartly plays on her sexy curves with shapely silhouette, but also plays them down with conservatively chic shifts.

June Ambrose
Ambrose has to be one of (if not my ultimate) fashion hero. She is the stylist to most of the hottest stars (Jay-Z brilliantly coined her as "The Secretary of Style".) Like most of the fashionably educated should, she has written a book that I am currently reading called "Effortless Style" in which she shares her wisdom on how to be well dressed. (Blog post about that coming soon...)

Zoe Kravitz
I did most of my ranting and raving about Ms. Kravitz in my Up & Coming post. Like Jacobson, she successfully pulls off being punk, yet feminine (which can sometimes be like mixing oil and vinegar.) She's able to stir the two together ultimately making her a toxic fashion force to be reckoned with.

Solange Knowles
Creeping from behind her sister's overtly curvaceous shadow, Solange has managed to make a unique name for herself. Not only has she grown up to be a wife and mother (accomplishing something substantial earlier than Beyonce), she has also sprung into being a fashion forward fatale.

Carrie Bradshaw

I am a loyal Sex & the City fan, and love the lifestyle Bradshaw leads (even though I can't "help but wonder" how a sex columnist could afford to stash couture in her closet?) Although she's fictional, she never fails to put the unexpected together, consistently making her style one of a kind.

So who is a Fashionista anyway?
She ultimately has a distinct and defined style and radiates confidence. She knows trends, but she'd rather set them. She's educated on what works for her, but is never too shy of trying new things...

sneak peak.

swoosh swag. 

So, I've never been a sneaker gal, but this is the year I have decided to step up my sneaker game! By far, my favorite kind of kicks have been Nike Dunks (highs) and next to that, Nike Blazers. I like the construction of the shoes as well as the several different styles, patterns, colors, and customizations. 
I recently bought these Black, Peach, & Pink Nike Dunk High 6.0's with tweed detailing. 

Here are some celebs spotted with some sneaks that I like!

Lindsay Lohan is looking sporty and sleek in her Black & Gold Metallic Nike Dunk Premiums

Here is Rihanna, sporting Purple Suede Nike Blazer Premium SBs

The Dream is wearing "Kisses" Nike Blazers Premium SBs 


up & coming.

zoe 101.

So, I apologize for the massive halt of posts. I just recently graduated from college (which is a huge milestone) so I've just been getting my life together. But, the blog is definitely back! And I will do my very best to keep the posts comin' as often as possible!

Last week, me and my good friend Tierra went to go see the stylish and budding star Zoe Kravitz (spawn of rocker Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet) play with her band Elevator Fight at DC club LIV on U St. You might know her from being the leading lady in Jay Zs video "I Know"

The 20 year old was decked out in full rocker gear (like father, like daughter) wearing a destroyed T (like yours truly), liquid leggings, white vintage laced up booties and a shimmery cardigan. She adorned every finger with rings and smacked on a red lip that matched her painted nails. Kravitz definitely is reminiscent of her father, swinging her shaggy mane, jumping up and down, and gyrating with her fellow guitarist (who happens to be a middle school alumnus with Tierra!) After the show, we gotta chance to meet her! 

Awkward pic... LOL (That's the guitarist on the right left of Kravitz. I forgot his name...)

Me & Tierra at the Concert! 
(all pics courtesy of Tierra, since my pics mysteriously vanished off my camera...)

This is the outfit I wore: an Evil Genius Destroyed T and Silence & Noise Acid Wash Jeans zippered at the ankle with a woven patterned scarf all from Urban Outfitters with Steve Madden suede ankle booties. 

Kravitz has stamped her spot on my top 10 favorite fashionistas! (Full List/Post coming soon!)

fashion forecast.

fly frames. 

Sorry I have been MIA due to working my butt off to graduate in the next month (yikes!) Don't worry, the blog is still breathing, I just had to put it to sleep for a little while. And like this blog, trends are known to resurrect. (See piece puzzle: flannel flare.) As an 80's baby, I have to pay tribute to the trends and fashions during that era that were funky, vibrant, and vivacious. 80's hip hop heavyweights Run-DMC were known for not only changing the game in music, but also for breaking barriers in hip hop style, from their unlaced Adidas to DMC's glasses that would make nerds trendy. Now, about twenty years later, music moguls are bringing those geeky glasses back in style. This eye wear may have people scratching their heads, but this accessory was made for the fashion fearless, such as... 

Eclectic R n B singer Kelis. 

Hip Hop power house Kanye West.

And of course, Rihanna. 

Here's me, rockin' em.

Where to buy: Urban Outfitters(where I got mine.), American Apparel

Some might not comprehend why these large lenses would be considered cool or fashionable, but with these glasses, I can definitely foresee these being worn by those who aren't afraid to embrace their inner nerd. 
(Because we all have one...)


Hey readers! So I know I have not been all that great about updating the blog. I've been swamped with school work and such since this is my last year of college, so bear with me! I will be back shortly with more posts soon! Thanks for following and your support! Please e mail me at with any questions, comments, or ideas!

the verdict is in...

So after awaiting with much anticipation... 

Michelle Obama wore a cream Jason Wu asymmetrical chiffon gown with  sparkled appliques. She accessorized with diamond drop earrings, diamond bangles, and a diamond ring (or shall I say rock.) I was actually pleasantly surprised by her choice. The color of the dress suited her well and the fit was figure flattering and the jewelry complemented the gown. My only criticism was her hair. I would have preferred her hair to be up instead of down in that same stoic bob, but maybe it stayed that way because of time constraints.  I was just relieved that this was not a Narcisio-like nightmare. 

However, I did not care for her Inauguration ensemble designed by Cuban immigrant Isabel Toledo (she loves those south of the border styles.) It was a "lemongrass" dress with a matching embroidered coat with a blinged out broach. She wore dark green leather J.Crew gloves with darker green Jimmy Choo pumps. The color and the fit was just off and I didn't really appreciate all the different types of greens. We all know that Michelle has some hips on her, which I feel like she tries to disguise by wearing potato-sac-ish ensembles that just drown out her figure. The Jason Wu did the complete opposite since it was banded right around the waist. 

I would honestly have to say that Jill Biden's gown was superb! She wore a crimson Reem Acra strapless chiffon design with a banded bustier and flowed beautifully below. She wore diamond drop earrings very similar to Mrs. O's. The dress would have looked good on the first lady too, (I actually) would have preferred to see Mrs. O in the Acra, oh well...) 

The Obama girls looked absolutely adorable in their J Crew 'fits. Malia wore a royal blue pea-coat with a black scarf, tights, gloves and ballet flats, while Sasha sported a pink pea with orange scarf, pink tights, and red flats.  Pink and orange is always a daring combo, but I think Sasha pulled it off. 

Is it just me, or does Sash always look bored at these events? And isn't Malia the perfect combo between her mom and dad? She's got her mom's cheekbones and mouth and her father's forehead, LOL.

puzzle piece: jocks, straps, & buckled boots.

Looking for an alternative from those classic and comfy Ugg boots to wear during the winter season? Make a stylish and smart investment in jockey (also known as Rider) or biker style boots. The jockey boots are more simple, smooth, and sophisticated, while the biker boots have an edgy twist with straps and buckles. Both are tall, leather, and perfect for cold weather. Withstand wind, rain, and snow while looking fabulous in these! 
(Top: Tory Burch Jockey boot, Bottom: Steve Madden Biker Boot.)

How to wear: These boots are casual, so not too much effort needs to be put into an outfit including these shoes. They can be worn with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings; a pair of bottoms no bigger than those will be able to fit inside the boot. Jeans should definitely not be worn outside the boot; you won't be able to see the detailing that makes the shoe hot!

Where to wear: You can wear these anywhere from the classroom to a low key party, depending on the upper half of the outfit. However, don't step your well dressed foot in the club with these boots...

Where to buy: Steve Madden has a nice collection in their boot section. Tory Burch has a great selection of Jockey/Rider boots, but they are on the pricier side. Jessica Simpson has a good collection of reasonably priced Jockey and Rider boots. Buy them while you can, these trendy items are selling out fast!

Celeb Style: 

Lindsay Lohan


I got these Tory Burch Jockeys as a little X mas gift. I wore them for the first day of classes after break. I wore it with a casual boyfriend button up that I belted and cotton leggings from Express. 

puzzle solved.

set updates.

Here are some sets I created on Take the poll and vote for your fav!

( I forgot to add this one to the poll, but because I can't go back an edit since someone already voted, If you like this one, just make comment at the bottom of the post that you do! )
Speaking of Polyvore... I guest blogged on their Official Blog. Check it out!