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fashion finales, part i.

females dominate the final top 3 on project runway.

It was a season first -- a female would be guaranteed the title as project runway champion. The finalists were, Korto (33) the Liberian designer diva, Leanne (27), the mousey FIDM student, and the obnoxious (as pictured above), Kenley (25) from Florida. 

Judging from my descriptions... you could probably determine who my fav was. 

The final 3 each showed 10 complete looks for their collection at the tented fashion Neverland (aka Bryant Park.) Apparently, runner ups flamboyant Jarrel and third person abuser Suede showed there too, but Project Runway hid that for some reason. First up was Kenley whose line characterized, as she called it, "Alice in Wonderland."I thought it was fitting since she usually made me wonder what she was thinking when she would snap back at the judges. However, her line was not as bad as I was hoping it would be. She deserves commendation for her hand painted fabrics. The judges greatest criticism was that most of her designs were pretty reminiscent of McQueen and Balenciaga. Someone did not do her homework. 

A dress from Kenley's line. I personally wouldn't wear it, but it is well made.
Next was Korto (pronouned Kah-to.) She's known for drawing much inspiration from her homeland of Liberia into her designs and jewelry, but also makes them wearable for any woman from any country. The only criticism I personally had was that I would have liked to see more than just dresses come down the runway. Yet Korto use of earth tones in her pieces were breathtaking one after the other . It was also exciting to see America's Next Top Model Alums such as Bianca (below) and Danielle!

One of Korto's ethnic chic dresses. Bianca's legs are definitely fit for this ensemble!

Lastly, the one of little words, Leanne. Though I was not routing for her, I must say that her line was exquisitely crafted. Every look that came down the runway was gorg and gasp worthy. I couldn't refrain myself from saying "I would sooo wear that!" However her one note knack for petal (as Kors refers it) or wave (as Leanne refers it) construction was her down fall with the judges. Though the oceanic hues she used were beautiful, I think I got a little sea sick after the fourth or fifth look. 

I j'adore this dress! (But the model looks washed away at sea.)

However, Leanne's collection won over the judges. The fact that she had the most diverse collection that included more than one piece looks such as pants, tops, and jackets gave her the upper needle pricked hand. 

Dag, Korto... Couldn't you have made a pant or two?? 

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