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the cw debuts stylista.

(this post is long overdue. i apologize as i am amidst midterms and such...)

The CW launched it's new show "Stylista" last Wednesday at 9. About 11 aspiring fashionistas compete to become a junior editor and the prominent Elle Magazine. Along with a new dream job, the winner gets a shopping spree at H & M worth $100,000 and a paid lease on a fab Manhattan loft.

Each week, the contestants go through challenges that measure up their styling skills. In the first episode, they were individually tested on their ability to cater to Ms. Anne Slowey herself. They rampaged the streets of New York to compile the perfect breakfast for the coveted editor, which included not only the right food, but the right presentation. Ashlie's (pictured below in the white and black) simplistic efforts won over Slowey, though she criticized her waitress like wardrobe.

Speaking of criticism, fashion and Elle Mag Maven Joe Zee sized up each wannabee and critiqued their ensembles. William and Jason (pictured below) received the harshest words. Jason (right) was applauded for his all effortless all black outfit, but got pinched for the fingerless MJ gloves. William was shredded to pieces for his Clockwork Orange inspired get up.
The next challenge consisted of the competitors to finally use their wisdom of style. They were put in groups of 3-4 and got the opportunity spree through the racks of H & M for clothes to cohesively model and present to the elle elite. After modeling in person, they had to come together to create a faux magazine spread that best represented their stylings as a group. The winners (aka "Belles of Elle") are pictured below...
But what's a competition if some one doesn't get the axe? It came down to three, the plus sized sweetie Danielle, the insipid snoot Megan, and introverted Arnaldo (below). In the end, Arnaldo's style didn't make enough noise and got ELLEminated.

And of course my predictions of Ms. Slowey were correct, as she is a blonde haired, blue eyed version of Priestly. The tight lip, lazy clapping, and fur coat flinging is right on.

"If The Devil Wears Prada had a reality show, this would be it..."


New Episode of Stylista airs tomorrow at 9 on the CW.

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