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fashion forecast.

fly frames. 

Sorry I have been MIA due to working my butt off to graduate in the next month (yikes!) Don't worry, the blog is still breathing, I just had to put it to sleep for a little while. And like this blog, trends are known to resurrect. (See piece puzzle: flannel flare.) As an 80's baby, I have to pay tribute to the trends and fashions during that era that were funky, vibrant, and vivacious. 80's hip hop heavyweights Run-DMC were known for not only changing the game in music, but also for breaking barriers in hip hop style, from their unlaced Adidas to DMC's glasses that would make nerds trendy. Now, about twenty years later, music moguls are bringing those geeky glasses back in style. This eye wear may have people scratching their heads, but this accessory was made for the fashion fearless, such as... 

Eclectic R n B singer Kelis. 

Hip Hop power house Kanye West.

And of course, Rihanna. 

Here's me, rockin' em.

Where to buy: Urban Outfitters(where I got mine.), American Apparel

Some might not comprehend why these large lenses would be considered cool or fashionable, but with these glasses, I can definitely foresee these being worn by those who aren't afraid to embrace their inner nerd. 
(Because we all have one...)