CoCo says: "A woman should be two things- classy and fabulous."

have a happy (not whore like) halloween.

It's that time of year, where the border between sleazy and sexy is often straddled. Halloween for the children is a time to splurge on sweets and become characters that they could only fantasize. For us college students and blooming adults, Halloween is the time to excusably dress scantly in sexed styled versions of these characters.
Now, because this hair strand between sexy and sleazy is often crossed, it is hard to distinguish what costumes are acceptable for this All Hallows Holiday. And as females, we struggle with this bridging, but I think it can be concurred that sexy is purely subjective. However, no matter how short the dress or cheek cleavage exposed... sexiness is not affirmed with lack of clothing, but more so with attitude. Presentation is what distinguishes the trashy from the classy... 
I'm sure there will be much more leg and bust out tonight than ghosts and goblins, and there is nothing wrong with that (my costume is definitely not short of exposure.) Just be sure to emphasize the tease, not the sleaze. 

BTW: My costume... (nix the thigh high stocks and dog collar)
(I will have pictures of me in it posted later on...)

Happy Halloween!

the cw debuts stylista.

(this post is long overdue. i apologize as i am amidst midterms and such...)

The CW launched it's new show "Stylista" last Wednesday at 9. About 11 aspiring fashionistas compete to become a junior editor and the prominent Elle Magazine. Along with a new dream job, the winner gets a shopping spree at H & M worth $100,000 and a paid lease on a fab Manhattan loft.

Each week, the contestants go through challenges that measure up their styling skills. In the first episode, they were individually tested on their ability to cater to Ms. Anne Slowey herself. They rampaged the streets of New York to compile the perfect breakfast for the coveted editor, which included not only the right food, but the right presentation. Ashlie's (pictured below in the white and black) simplistic efforts won over Slowey, though she criticized her waitress like wardrobe.

Speaking of criticism, fashion and Elle Mag Maven Joe Zee sized up each wannabee and critiqued their ensembles. William and Jason (pictured below) received the harshest words. Jason (right) was applauded for his all effortless all black outfit, but got pinched for the fingerless MJ gloves. William was shredded to pieces for his Clockwork Orange inspired get up.
The next challenge consisted of the competitors to finally use their wisdom of style. They were put in groups of 3-4 and got the opportunity spree through the racks of H & M for clothes to cohesively model and present to the elle elite. After modeling in person, they had to come together to create a faux magazine spread that best represented their stylings as a group. The winners (aka "Belles of Elle") are pictured below...
But what's a competition if some one doesn't get the axe? It came down to three, the plus sized sweetie Danielle, the insipid snoot Megan, and introverted Arnaldo (below). In the end, Arnaldo's style didn't make enough noise and got ELLEminated.

And of course my predictions of Ms. Slowey were correct, as she is a blonde haired, blue eyed version of Priestly. The tight lip, lazy clapping, and fur coat flinging is right on.

"If The Devil Wears Prada had a reality show, this would be it..."


New Episode of Stylista airs tomorrow at 9 on the CW.

piece puzzle: flannel flare.

This plaid piece has revived from the 90's grunge era into this century as cozy chic!

How to wear: Match this over sized button up with ultra skinny jeans or sleek leather leggings. Role up the sleeves and tuck messily with or sans a belt. If not, then heavily adorn with necklaces and earrings to add femininity. Flats are the obvious footwear, but don't shy away from heels for a sexy professional contribution!

Where to wear: Definitely appropriate for class, or even work (depending on the dress code.) If dressed up, this piece can get away and into the club or lounge. 

Where to buy: This shirt is pretty common, you can purchase it pretty much anywhere such as Abercrombie or H & M... in the men's section!

Celeb Style:
Lauren Conrad
(buy a similar shirt at H & M!)

Mary Kate

How I do it:

(yea... I'm taking pics in the bathroom...SUE ME! lol.)
I'm wearing a men's flannel from H & M for about $25.00

puzzle solved.

set update.

Here are some more sets I created on

fashion finales prt. ii

vivica crowns the ultimate glam god.



The final episode for premiere season of VH1's "Glam God" aired this past Thursday. Vivica put the three finalists through an intense meeting with her panel including pale British prick Melanie Bromley from US Weekly along with renowned and lovable stylist Phillp Bloch. Major agent and stoic Timothy Priano was a guest judge. The winner of Glam God will be awarded representation from Priano and $100,000.  Each final contestant individually met with the panel of judges as they critiqued their stylings from previous challenges. Prepster contender Preston could not stray away from his conservatism and got the stiletto boot. 

It came down to the scattered and sexually confused Indashio and the silent but deadly stylish Tigerlily. In their final challenge, they had to style a "red carpet diva" for a US weekly photoshoot, and that diva was no other than--- Vivica A. Fox. (Surprise, surprise...)

Indashio went hood chic with Vivca's look, with two skin tight dresses and an asymmetrical hair style a la Mary J, which was right up her alley (and she looked like she belonged in one.) Tigerlily's aim was for a hollywood glamour style mused by Ms. Dandridge, but was a bust (Vivica's couldn't fit into a dress.) 

Tigerlily's consistent efforts did not pay off and it was Indashio's overbearing passion for fashion that won the heart of the judges. 

Another disappointment. It seems that the black sister can't catch a break. 

Now that all my fav fashion tv line ups are out of season, what's left? I am looking forward to CW's new reality competition show called "Stylista" launching next Wed. I assume at 9pm after America's Next Top Model.  Eleven aspiring fashion editors compete for an internship with Elle Magazine (one can only dream), but they must get past fashion editor, Ann Slowey. I predict Slowey will be a mild taste of the horned Prada wearer Priestly. 

Hopefully... this won't be a letdown. 

fashion finales, part i.

females dominate the final top 3 on project runway.

It was a season first -- a female would be guaranteed the title as project runway champion. The finalists were, Korto (33) the Liberian designer diva, Leanne (27), the mousey FIDM student, and the obnoxious (as pictured above), Kenley (25) from Florida. 

Judging from my descriptions... you could probably determine who my fav was. 

The final 3 each showed 10 complete looks for their collection at the tented fashion Neverland (aka Bryant Park.) Apparently, runner ups flamboyant Jarrel and third person abuser Suede showed there too, but Project Runway hid that for some reason. First up was Kenley whose line characterized, as she called it, "Alice in Wonderland."I thought it was fitting since she usually made me wonder what she was thinking when she would snap back at the judges. However, her line was not as bad as I was hoping it would be. She deserves commendation for her hand painted fabrics. The judges greatest criticism was that most of her designs were pretty reminiscent of McQueen and Balenciaga. Someone did not do her homework. 

A dress from Kenley's line. I personally wouldn't wear it, but it is well made.
Next was Korto (pronouned Kah-to.) She's known for drawing much inspiration from her homeland of Liberia into her designs and jewelry, but also makes them wearable for any woman from any country. The only criticism I personally had was that I would have liked to see more than just dresses come down the runway. Yet Korto use of earth tones in her pieces were breathtaking one after the other . It was also exciting to see America's Next Top Model Alums such as Bianca (below) and Danielle!

One of Korto's ethnic chic dresses. Bianca's legs are definitely fit for this ensemble!

Lastly, the one of little words, Leanne. Though I was not routing for her, I must say that her line was exquisitely crafted. Every look that came down the runway was gorg and gasp worthy. I couldn't refrain myself from saying "I would sooo wear that!" However her one note knack for petal (as Kors refers it) or wave (as Leanne refers it) construction was her down fall with the judges. Though the oceanic hues she used were beautiful, I think I got a little sea sick after the fourth or fifth look. 

I j'adore this dress! (But the model looks washed away at sea.)

However, Leanne's collection won over the judges. The fact that she had the most diverse collection that included more than one piece looks such as pants, tops, and jackets gave her the upper needle pricked hand. 

Dag, Korto... Couldn't you have made a pant or two?? 

latest addiction.

channelling my inner glam goddess (and rachel zoe.)

So, my latest discovery is a website called polyvore. It provides an array of designer and affordable clothes and shoes that the fashion obssesed can marvel at. More importantly, the site allows future and potential sylistas (such as myself) to practice their design skills by creating layouts of looks, called sets. You would see the premise of what a set is if you flip through the pages of Elle and Vogue. I created my first set called Edgy Elegance (pictured above.), which depicts my love for juxtaposing hard and soft pieces. Look for more updates of my sets! (one is in draft right now...) 

Do you think the Annes would approve? (Wintour and Slowey)

style snag.

Beyonce: Urban Chic


is the mistresses of the cute casual look. In this particular outfit, she manages to looks chic, yet comfortable. The tweed Chanel cardigan provides a sophistication along with the swanky blouse and wide legged khaki trousers. The subtle accessories of the hooped earrings and newsboy cap gives it an urban flare. Her addition of heels pumps up the volume of this ensemble.

Steal this look for cheap(er)!

piece puzzle: leather love.

From top to bottom, this smooth and thick material brings edge to any outfit. 

part 1-- leggings.

How to wear: Pair these tight sexy bottoms with an oversized, flowy top for balance. Keep it casual by throwing a cute fitted T. Add on a blazer for a more tailored look. 

Where to wear: Preferably, wear these out under the stars. They are perfectly appropriate for a night out to a club or a lounge. If you dare to wear these at day, keep the leggings out of the classroom or business place. 

Where to buy: American Apparel, Express, Armani Exchange. (These leggings are sold as faux leather or shiny material that mimics leather, but it all looks equally hot!)

Celeb Style: 


Christina Milian

Lauren Conrad

Mary Kate

How I do it:

I have on Black Eel Leggings from American Apparel. 

part ii-- jacket. 

Where to wear: Technically, since this a jacket, it is permissible to wear anywhere. This is the perfect item to have in the fall season and will do it's job in keeping you warm and stylish. 

How to wear: Again, since it's a jacket, there isn't a huge limit to what you can wear this with. This can edge out a clean preppy look or cool down an elegant outfit. 

Where to buy: Express, Urban Outfitters

Celeb Style:

Rihanna (of course)

Lindsay Lohan:

Lauren Conrad:

I have one from Urban Outfitters (it's faux, but good faux!)

Puzzle solved. 

fashion on your iphone.

Fashion week in your palm and at your tips.

Apple has made Bryant Park accessible to us average aficionados who can't afford tickets. The app includes updates and coverage of current couture and RTW (ready-to-wear) collections. It features a slideshow of pics  from fashion designers 3 through Z (3.1 Phillip Lim - Zac Posen) that showed under the tent. The best part-- the app is downloadably free!  To retrieve this amazing application, just go to the App Store and search for 

The bar has been officially raised. Your move Instinct... (Just to think I might have gotten this phone and missed out on this opportunity!) 

It shouldn't be a question whether or not I have it DLed on my 3G...

Chanel has it's own separate app, which is also a free DL. I discovered after Chanel, but you can never have too many of these apps on your phone! This app has the same details as, but the only downside is that it's pretty restricted. (The app includes Chanel's Spring 2009 couture line.) The only exception is the Chanel app allows you to see the details of individual looks on the runway by turning it horizontally.


Don't have an iPhone?
What's wrong with you...? (LOL, I kid.) Go to site and get all the latest hum on fash.