CoCo says: "A woman should be two things- classy and fabulous."


I am putting aside my love for fashion to write about something that is so much bigger than that... 

so much bigger than me and you... 

the potential of history being conceived was high. And as the clock struck 12 and a new day officially dawned, history was born. On the 4th of November, 47 year old Barack Hussein Obama was elected as the 44th president of the United States of America. 

to be honest, i believe that the youth vote had a large part in this birth. this generation was granted the opportunity to change the course of history, and we grabbed this opportunity and helped Obama snag the election. 

the obvious history here is that we finally have a black president. some thought they would never witness this, some thought it was not possible, and some thought it should not have happened. 

yet, i think people need to understand that this man's race has nothing to deal with how deserving and qualified he is for this job. his educational background as Harvard law student, and his experience in the senate and as  a community organizer has shaped his knowledge. though, he has been criticized for having little experience, i think that the people of America looked passed that to see the potential of this candidate. not to mention that his campaign was well strategized and overall amazing. the hurdles he faced were steep, but not steep enough to undermine his strength. he ran his campaign honestly and passionately, and that on its own is an accomplishment. 

i think people also do not see that though he is black, he is also white. he represents the black and white person, which is the beauty of him being president. he embodies the American. he embodies me and you. 
and i cannot comprehend those who refuse and disregard the history of this because of being stubborn and racist. this is so much bigger than any ego (even diddy's) than any head, than any person. this is a time for black people to rejoice and celebrate. this is a time for black people to be proud. because after all of the adversity our people faced, Obama is the epitome of hope and justice. and i cannot comprehend  anyone and ultimately question the morals and values of those who refuse to acknowledge that or believe any African American does not deserve to be happy in this moment. that is just beyond me.

and just to clarify the ignorance. the man is NOT Muslim, he is christian. just because he has a Muslim name does not make him Muslim. that would be saying I'm Muslim because my name is Arabic, but i am not. and so what if he was? would that make him less qualified because of his religion? 

my faith in this country has been restored. and for the first time... i can honestly say that i am proud to be an American. 

Obama 08...

hell ... Obama '12!

NOW-- back to fashion, on a related topic. 

If anyone watched Obama's victory speech, you also watched Michelle walk on stage at Grant Park wearing that red splattered, figure drowning, failure flattering dress.  The ensemble was designed by Cuban bread and American raised designer Narciso Rodriguez. 

she either a) needs a stylist
or b) needs to fire hers immediately. 

my mother was telling me that I was qualified for the job, LOL. I would definitely help her, because she definitely needs it. 

And I can't get over how adorable Sasha and Malia are! take care of that puppy!



Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

im not even into fashion and i could tell what she was workin with was suspect. haha

HauteMod said...

awww i loved the narcisso. maybe she should have layered it different?

Z said...

eh, i dont think that would have helped...

i thought the fit was all wrong, and also that crossed material in the front (it looks like satin) is completely random and distracting, that red splattered over the dress doen't help either.

she looked like she was drowning in the dress.

Anonymous said...

I love Michelle but that dress was totally inappropriate for the occasion. It would never work on her body type. And frankly, it's just an ugly dress. She should go back to the classic sheath.