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alexander the great.

Even though he took his life a little over month ago (and I've blogged probably a lot over a month ago), I still feel the need to pay homage to one of my fallen fashion heroes.

McQueen- the name harbors a royal essence and his designs will go down in fashion history.
He began as the head visionary behind Givenchy for five years. From there, he found his high RTW avant-garde fashion line to his retailer friendly McQ collections, and also contributing to the Puma sports brand. McQueen easily became one of the most revolutionary and creatively bold designers in the biz.

McQueen definitely qualifies to be in my top ten. Some may not grasp the idea and purpose of couture that probably wouldn't be seen worn outside a tent. The way I see it, is that those are pieces of art, models are canvases, and the show is a museum with fashion hoarders ready to buy and sell. His creations were nothing short of masterpieces floating on a runaway. He contained a rare skill for dressing the boldly unconventional, yet sophisticated woman. The skull printed chiffon scarf , which has been worn by plenty of celebs, was one of his signature accessory pieces that were one of my personal favorites. Though McQueen's clothes were known for being somewhat roughly edgy and daring, there was an air of elegance shown through the construction of his gowns and dresses with draping and trains. He understood a simple, but intricately structured silhouette and also knew how to use attention grabbing prints and motifs. His clothes were almost a contradiction, and if you can marry two opposite components to birth something beautiful, you have created something that could be also considered genius. And McQueen was just that- a fashion genius.

Kim Kardashian in a skull printed McQueen scarf.

Thandie Newton in a McQueen gown.

Rihanna in a McQueen jumpsuit.

First lady Michelle Obama in a McQueen chiffon blouse.

His death was certainly untimely, but McQueen's fashions will always be timeless. I wonder if there will be a successor to his empire that will carry on his vision... but that would be a hard, pink soled shoe to fill, let alone walk in.

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