CoCo says: "A woman should be two things- classy and fabulous."

Dressed in Drama.

Styling, lying, crying... all in a days work with MTV's new fashion series
called "Styl'D" (maybe the capitalized D is putting the emphasis on drama.) Four bright eyed, ego driven junior assistant stylists work to compete for a contract with MMA (Margaret Maldonado Agency) which represents other celebrity stylists. These JAs get trained with other senior stylists of the company by traveling with them to style clients at certain jobs such as photoshoots, award shows, etc. Each JA gets ranked based on their capability to pull successful looks and their work ethic on sets. Each have a golden ticket with the agency, but only one will be offered the fulltime fashion career. Let the stiletto back stabbing and polished nail clawing begin! (Whats a good reality show without it right?)

So far, the show is two episodes deep and I'm enamored with it! There is styling potential in each assistant, but they all also bear some incompetence that makes me question their previous experiences.

The Junior Assistants L to R: Tarra, Cody, Brett, Janna, Gary
Janna, the scatterbrained southern blonde, lacks the most skill and 'fraid to say, style. Apparently the chick lives in Forever 21. There is a time and a place for their clothing, which is not everyday, everywhere. Tarra, whose style I would describe as modern 5os meets 60s retro has a good eye, and is slightly and slowly fishing her way through the competition. Brett showed promised until he got canned for a huge styling snafu that Janna had hugely participated in. Gary is stepping up and gaining his shine after Brett got fired, but lacks professionalism on set. Lastly, there is Cody aka Brett's immediate replacement who comes off as the strong, straight know it all and was born into fashion since his mom was VP of Versace.
Not so sure whos worth betting on to bag the gig...

The Senior Stylists Left to Right: Julie Weiss, Jen Rade, Eric Archibald
The head honcho and premiere stylist, Jen Rade is the head of the Junior Assistant program. Stern and stylish Julie Weiss knows what she wants and how to get it, which should be the attitude of any successful stylist and with clients such as Terrence Howard and Britney Spears under her belt, her talent shouldn't be questioned. And finally the flamboyant but unmistakably fashionable Eric Archibald, who once had a cameo on Keeping Up With the Kardashians as a fashion saint called in to save Bruce Jenner's style.

Read more about the cast of Styl'D. The Show airs on Tuesday at 11 pm after The Hills and The City.

Im obviously not to be disturbed between the hours of 9 and 12.


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