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a touch of color in vogue.

When I flipped through the latest January 09 issue of Vogue, with Ms. Pretty 'n Pale herself Anne Hathaway on the cover, I couldn't help but notice that this edition included more Black (and of course fabulous) faces than usual. Smack dab in the middle of the magazine starting at page 85 are famous African American figures that will change the future. Of course and obviously President-elect Barack Obama along with his future first lady are a couple of those people, featured in the Vogue Point of View spread. Beautiful portraits of the Obamas, photographed by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz were apart of the layout. I must say, Michelle looks absolutely radiant and regal in her teal subtly couture gown designed by Narciso Rodriguez (yes, surprisingly this is the same designer who created that catastrophes of a dress she wore during Obama's election victory.) 

Here are some of the pages of Vogue with the Obamas (I had to snap them because I couldn't find the pics online.)
Immediately following that, my two new favorite models, Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn are in a 16-page fashion story entitled "Magical Realism," modeling designer clothes from Marc Jacobs to Louis Vuitton. Iman and Dunn capture the idea of modeling with movement, making these clothes flow and flare with their tribal-like ponytails slinging in the air. These Black and ground breaking ladies are shaping a new mold and leading the new crop of colored models that will hopefully be more present in prominent fashion magazines, shows, and ads. 

Jourdan Dunn
Chanel Iman (appropriately dressed in Chanel)
Vogue Italia managed to dedicate a whole issue to black models, but who's to say that will stay consistent? I also couldn't help but notice that in this issue all the people of color are grouped in the center pages of the magazine where you can't miss them. Was that purposefully done to excuse the notion that not enough black people appear in Vogue? And once they are placed, will the next issue feature just as much, or more... or not as much... or none at all? Not to say that I'm not happy to see these faces of color (I wouldn't have thought it to be important to blog blurb about if I wasn't) but the issue remains a cloud hovering over the fashion world.

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Fashion For Love said...

I saw that spread of Chanel & Jourdan when I was at the hair salon. It was beautifully done. Couture yet natural somehow.

I feel like I have been noticing more & more colorful faces (of all backgrounds) in mags & on TV and I thought it was just me. Good to see you noticed that as well.