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style 'n the city.

The Hill's spin off The City is MTV's newest nicotine filled reality show. Lauren's working partner in crime Whitney port left lala land to set her sights in the Big Apple. Whit snagged a job at the fashion house of Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF to us fashion followers) along with an Aussie named Jay (think Justin Bobby with an accent.) The show premiered Monday, Dec. 29 and is apart of the new MTV Monday Night line up following Brody Jenner's new shoe Bromance. It seems that some of The Hills cast is branching out on their own reality show endeavors. The Simmons Sisters Angela's and Vanessa's new show "Daddy's Girls" will also be apart of the line up starting January 9 @ 1030 (can't wait for that one too.)
In the premiere episode "If She Can Make it Here," Whit goes on her first day of working at DVF where she meets her new co workers including uptown socialite Olivia. I predict back stabbing from her seeing that she takes an uncomfortable interest in Jay. We are also introduced to her temp roomie Erin, who is classified as a downtown girl. As Whit explained in the beginning of the episode, uptown girls are [stuck up] "socials" and downtown girls are care free partiers. Uptown, downtown... the difference between the two is like Sarah Palin--pointless. I'm sure Whit wouldn't categorize herself as either, at least I would hope. 
A second episode "The Truth Will Reveal Itself" premiered right after, which was a nice treat. Whit got to meet shoe mastermind Manolo Blahnik (who is an old white guy...surprise surprise) with Olivia, who wasn't shy from sharing her story about her first pair of Manolo's...repeatedly. But we really get to the drama when Jay is accused of hooking up with his ex, by jealous Alex whom Whit previously met in NYC for a job trip that still obviously carries some interest in her. Both guys seemed pretty shady if you ask me. Though there may be some truth in the accusation, Alex's motives for bringing it up to Whit were purely for hero sake, which back fired. What didn't was Whit's ability to be adorably decked out in short and draped dresses through out each episode. My favorite was her first day of work 'fit which was a yellow printed and banded dress that looked like it was designed by Ms. DVF herself. (She got approval from some construction workers when she was walking to work, LOL...welcome to The City!)

Here are some promo pics...

Hmm... wonder who's hand she's holding.
Love the dress...
L 2 R: Olivia, Whitney, Erin
One question remains, will The Hills still be alive for a fifth season?

Catch The City, Mondays @ 10 on MTV. Need to catch up? Watch here


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