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fashion forecast: spring must haves and do nots.

My must haves for this Spring & Summer.

Light Wash [Destroyed] Denim

These are pieces that easily transition into fall. You want to spend money on clothing that will be timeless and will last a good while and denim is always a good investment. I prefer a light wash in the spring/summer seasons because it's a warm tint. It doesn't have to be destroyed but I think it gives the lightness of the material an edge. Pairing jeans and a denim jacket might be much, these are pieces that should be worn separately

Denim Jacket
AE Denim Destroyed Jacket for $49.50

Toward the Light from Light Destroyed Denim Vest for (pricey... but good quality)

Siwy Hannah Slim Crop Jean from (on the pricer side, but these are an investment)


This time year of year should be about light colors: pinks, blues, corals, yellows. Since spring is a colorful season. Warm weather brings out warm hues. Colorful canvas sneaks, polish, etc are good touches for a spring stylish fit.

I recommend these High Waist Size Zipper Pant from American Apparel. There newer colors butter and summer peach are great spring and summer pant ($78 each, but the price did drop from $90) These are strictly a seasonal pant, so stash these for the next year when winter approaches.


Uggs with short or skirts.

Vanessa Hudgens in full fashion faux pas mode.

A fashion crime I've seen too much of. These boots lined with fleece don't make sense to wear in warm weather and should only be worn during the fall. Actually, the ugg boot trend should be put to be rest by now. It is a comfortable shoe, but its fashion relevancy has faded and should be put in your wardrobe archives. I'm all about pairing opposites that make sense when put together, but a winter fleece boot with warm weather bottoms is a contradiction that will stay that way. Why would you want your feet screaming for ventilation?

Tunics (worn as dresses.)
Picture this top worn as a dress... yea not pretty.

These are one of those pieces that were easily transformable, but it will never be long enough to be worn alone. With leggings, it may be acceptable, but nothing is sluttier than rocking anything that barely covers your behind. The way the model is wearing it is acceptable, but if you minus the jeans, it probably won't be a good look. And no, that elastic band at the bottom does not salvage the situation either.

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