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So, I apologize for the massive halt of posts. I just recently graduated from college (which is a huge milestone) so I've just been getting my life together. But, the blog is definitely back! And I will do my very best to keep the posts comin' as often as possible!

Last week, me and my good friend Tierra went to go see the stylish and budding star Zoe Kravitz (spawn of rocker Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet) play with her band Elevator Fight at DC club LIV on U St. You might know her from being the leading lady in Jay Zs video "I Know"

The 20 year old was decked out in full rocker gear (like father, like daughter) wearing a destroyed T (like yours truly), liquid leggings, white vintage laced up booties and a shimmery cardigan. She adorned every finger with rings and smacked on a red lip that matched her painted nails. Kravitz definitely is reminiscent of her father, swinging her shaggy mane, jumping up and down, and gyrating with her fellow guitarist (who happens to be a middle school alumnus with Tierra!) After the show, we gotta chance to meet her! 

Awkward pic... LOL (That's the guitarist on the right left of Kravitz. I forgot his name...)

Me & Tierra at the Concert! 
(all pics courtesy of Tierra, since my pics mysteriously vanished off my camera...)

This is the outfit I wore: an Evil Genius Destroyed T and Silence & Noise Acid Wash Jeans zippered at the ankle with a woven patterned scarf all from Urban Outfitters with Steve Madden suede ankle booties. 

Kravitz has stamped her spot on my top 10 favorite fashionistas! (Full List/Post coming soon!)

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